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Hong Kong, China
By GreaterGo Editor
22 Dec 2022

Macau's "Dinghai God Needle" - Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre

Apart from viewing Portuguese-style architecture and trying our luck in the casinos, are there any thrilling attractions in Macao? Of course! For more excitement, you cannot miss the Macau Tower, the tallest tourist tower in Macao! It was designed by Gordon Moller, the architect for the famous Sky Tower in New Zealand. On the observation deck on the 58/F, you can step on the transparent ground made of reinforced glass – Macao is right under your feet!


For a more adventurous take, you may go onto the top floor to join the exciting activities. You can walk around the tower which is 233m above the ground or climb up to the very top of the tower. Dare challenge your limits? Then you can participate in bungee jump to feel the balance between wind resistance and gravity. Cheer for your rebirth once you fall onto the safety mat on the ground! The height of the bungee jump of Macau Tower is the greatest in the world. Jumping from 233m tall, you will make your history!

After proving your bravery, you may taste different dishes of Chinese and Portuguese cuisines, enjoy exhibitions and appreciate the beauty of Macao in the high-rise tower.

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